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a bit about me:

I am a freelance business writer, available for work.

I write interviews, features, and create reports for fintech companies and banks. 

Currently editor of Forward, a magazine devoted to scientific breakthroughs in quantum computing, pharma, and materials discovery. I was interim communications director for Thought Machine, a UK fintech now valued at $2.6bn, and I write for FintechOS, winner of the Europas Award for fintech of the year.


As a journalist I've written columns for the Daily Telegraph, covered business for The Guardian, and contributed to over 40 magazines. 

I've put together reports for HSBC, Allen & Overy, all the Big Four accountants, ICAEW, ACCA, E.ON, and the Mayor of London, to name just a few. A specialism of mine is surveys: if you are thinking of commissioning a poll or report then feel free to ask me to review it: I'll make sure you get the right results.


My background is: former editor of EuroBusiness magazine, PPA Business Writer of the Year.  I studied history at Trinity College Dublin, graduating with a first class degree, and won a Government of Ireland postgrad scholarship. I enjoy travelling, and speak French and Italian.

I'm pretty versatile. I can turn an interview with a CEO into a blog or column, help fintech companies explain their product, or write technical white papers on the economics of cloud native core banking.

I'm always plain speaking, enthusiastic, and able to bring 20+ years of experience to ensure whatever we work on is a success.


Read a selection of my articles through the My Work button above.


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